Highland Games Schedule

The Games that you will see Dunlops at


The darling lass is Lang Phillippi, granddaughter of Ron and Diana Dunlap


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Clan Mac Lachlan Schedules

Andrew Dunlop (L) in Japan and Mike Dunlap (R) in Florida,  try their  hand at "tossin o' the Caber!

Look for our Dunlop Clan Booth and meet fellow Dunlops at the following regularly attended Games....check the websites for updated scheduled Dates:

Central Florida Highland Games
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Third Saturday in January
Central Florida Highland Games

Sarasota Highland Games
Sarasota, Florida
First Weekend in February
Sarasota Highland Games

North Florida Highland Games
Jacksonville, Florida
Last Saturday in February
North Florida Highland Games

Southeast Florida Highland Games
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
First Weekend in March
Southeast Florida Highland games


Dunedin Highland Games and Festival
Dunedin, Florida
Second Saturday in April
Dunedin Highland Games


 Henderson, Nevada Highland Games & Celtic Festival.

 April 23-25 Timet Park, I-215and I-95W on Lake mead Drive and Water Street.


Richard Dunlop in 1982 parading the Dunlop tartan for the first ever showing of the Black n the Bluetwenty years later:the designer o' the tartan does it again

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games
near Linville, North Carolina
Weekend after the 4th of July
Dunlop National Gathering...Be There!
Grandfather Mountain


Colorado Scottish Festival
Rocky Mountain Highland Games
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Second weekend in August
Rocky Mountain Highland Games

  West Virginia Highland Games 2004  photo by russ dean 2nd from right front row

West Virginia Highland Games
Bridgeport, WV 2004
West Virginia Highland Games


Estes Park-Long's Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival
Estes Park, Colorado
Estes Park


Grand Junction Celtic Festival and Games
Grand Junction, Colorado


Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering 

Boone Hall Plantation 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 



Stone Mountain Games
Atlanta, Georgia
Stone Mountain Games

Greenville Sc Games 

Hipp cousins visit the Dunlap Tent: Front left to right: Jack Hipp, Lang Phillippi (granddaughter of Ron and Diana Dunlap) and Tom Hipp. Standing:  Ron Dunlap. Pictured in the background is Sam Hipp, Paul Phillippi, Karen Hipp, Diana Dunlap and Jan Bruning.


At the 21st Japan-Scottish Highland Games in Tokyo on Sunday, 19th October 2003, Andrew Dunlop, wearing the "Black 'n' Blue" tosses the Caber and the Stone in fine fashion. 


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