Where the babbling burn "Glazert" winds round a small rise, through the  green countryside of East Ayrshire, there is a place...a place where Celtic men and women defended their homes and families 1,000-2,000 years ago. Against the painted Picts, the Brits of Strathclyde, the Gaels of Ireland, the Angles, the Romans and the Vikings, they stood in this place, this fort of stone and mud, this insignificant small hill and paid for these lands with sinew and steel and blood! They gave this place a Name, these Celts:

...a name that would be carried by thousands down the Halls of Time


                       ...To Ireland, America, Canada, Australia

                           ...a Name that we know well...for it is ours

the Place, the Name







 Welcome to the House of Dunlop!

Dunlop Blessing Plaque From Old Dunlop House. Monogram is combination of John Dunlop and Jean Sommerville(great grandparents of Sir Walter Scott).


To all with Dunlop/Dunlap/DeLap ancestry, welcome home!

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Greetings from James Stuart Wallace Dunlop, Dunlop of that Ilk, Chief of the Name

James Stuart Wallace Dunlop, 30th of that Ilk and Current Chief of the Name 2006-today; only son of Keith Stuart Wallace Dunlop. James is now living near Richmond in London with his wife Lise. The heir of the Name is first son Henry James Alexander Wallace-Dunlop (born 7th November 2009).


Enjoy reading about Eachdraidh Dunlop (Dunlop History) and your rich blood Heritage...You will learn where you came from...so that you may know Who you are.....and walk with pride!

They gave a Name to You, these Celts...A Name that was and will be carried by the Children of the Brown Hill down the Halls of Time....from Scotland to the Four Corners of the World and....Beyond. Carry it well, this Name, as so many others have before you...with the pride it deserves!


A Name that we know well, for it is Ours:


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Lets all enjoy each other's stories....the ongoing history of the Dunlop peoples. Merito!

Send all inquiries regarding Dunlop History to Mike Dunlap, Dunlop Historian


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