Eachdraidh Dunlop 

Footsteps of the Clan

Here be True Histories of our Namesakes

Read, and walk with them 

through the pages of Time


How Dunlops and Dunlaps served with Francis Marion " The Swamp Fox".

How Dunlop came to be a household name, the Story of John Boyd Dunlop, and Dunlop Rubber.

How the  Dunlop Name came to be associated again with Freedom, by the Capturing of Slave ships by Capt. Robert J Wallace Dunlop, Royal Navy, and Lt Andrew R Dunlap, Royal Navy.

How Rabbie Burns became involved with Clan Dunlop, And how the most famous Holiday song is forever entwined with our Name.

The Dunlap Broadside, How John Dunlap placed our Name on the most famous government document of all time.EACHDRAIDH DUNLOP

How the Dunlops had roles in one of the most famous battles in Naval History: The USS Monitor vs. the CSS Virginia (Merrimack).

Early Dunlops in America: This is the story of Stuartstown, in what is now South Carolina, in the year 1680.

Attack on Dunlap's Station: In the Miami Valley,1790,  nine miles below Hamilton, Ohio near what is now Cincinnati, in what is now called Colerain township, a small settlement was put together by John Dunlap, a Scots-Irishman from Colerain, Ireland.

How a Dunlop came to be Burnt at the Stake..for Witchcraft.

How the Dunlop tartans came to be: The Odyssey of Richard E Dunlop and Elsie Harnish

How the 21rst of that Ilk, Sir James Dunlop, charged into the breach at Seringapatam, India