Dunlops and Dunlaps Around the World

Norman G. Dunlop, 100 Years young in Ontario, Canada

Norman Gilbert Dunlop of Union Hall, Ontario, Canada

This picture shows John Morrow presenting the honorary membership certificate of the Dunlop Society to my great-uncle Norman G. Dunlop on January 16, 2008, five days after his 100th birthday (the certificate arrived in the mail January 15). My brother Kevin took the picture, and Uncle Norman's daughter Carol Berger also took some pictures to share with her brother and sister and their families, and of course for their family records. I think Kevin also had his own camera with him and took some pictures as well.
As far as I know Uncle Norman is still doing well. He also still has 2 siblings living--his brother Fred Dunlop will be 88 on June 15, and their sister Edna Dunlop Drummond will be 86 on August 12. My grandmother (Effie Robertson, formerly Cooper, June 19, 1905--Sept. 23, 1993) and Uncle Nelson (Sept. 7, 1906--March 24, 2006) were older than Uncle Norman and there were 5 others between Uncle Norman and Uncle Fred who have passed away over the years (William, Sept. 19, 1909--Feb. 8, 1910 and his twin Alice (McIntosh), Sept.19, 1909--Nov. 16, 2003; Melville, July 21, 1911--Jan. 12, 1929; Mary (McClymont), April 3, 1913--May 21, 2002; and Gordon July 19, 1916--June 2, 1999). William died of what we now call SIDS and Melville was killed in a freak fox-hunting accident (copies of the newspaper reports have been posted on the Internet. 
John Morrow


Dunedin, Florida

Michael Sean Dunlap and his lovely bride Jane Gavula, of Clan Clark and Chippewa heritage.

Lynda Dunlap, Mike Dunlap, Georgetta Dunlap, Michael Dunlap in receiving line at Michael's wedding on January 13, 2007.

Safety Harbor, Florida

John and Mandy Dunlap


This photo comes from Pamela Dunlop Goodwill

Left to right are Brad, Pam, Adam, and Randy Goodwill of Las Vegas, Nevada


Alabama/Miss Commissioner E. Joseph Dunlap and daughter Lacey of Alabama

Lacey had traveled to Dunlop Village on a student exchange program where she was an intern for USA Today. She took two companions to the Village Inn where they were serenaded by Dunlop locals to the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama" much to the girls' delight. Lacey, of Stamford University in Birmingham, Ala. stated that even though they had traveled to both Edinburgh and Glasgow, the girls had the most fun in Dunlop! Lacey , as is her father, Joe, are of the branch of the Dunlaps who came into Alabama while it was still a territory. The Dunlaps were one of six  founding families of the state and had extensive land holdings in the north part of Alabama. Joe's grandfather, Fred S Dunlap, founded the first taxicab company in the Southeast , the Dunlap Yellow Taxi company, in 1910. Joe is just as obviously proud of his ancestors and his children as he is to be a Dunlop! Merito! 


I am Penny Dunlop Pickett and my sister is Pamela Dunlop Goodwill.
 There is one of me, at Disneyland, pointing to the store window. one of my other sister, Candy, pointing to a letter "A", also at Disneyland. Then there is one of my son, Dustin Dunlop. He is hacking a pumpkin. I have my daughter, Jillian and her son, Evin in her lap. Then my other grandson, Ty, holding his harvest from summertime. The Dunlop name is one I am very proud of and I am very proud of my sister Pam and all the work she puts forth on behalf of our clan. I am showing this web site on March 8th for my cultural Anthropology class. I want my classmates to see my heritage and this web site has always been the best around!
thank you
Penny Dunlop Pickett
Calhan, Colorado

Central Missouri (submitted by Tiffani Dunlap)

  Oldest Dunlap and Youngest.....Ida Dunlap (Campbell)   Samantha Dunlap  Jack Dunlap


Jack and Tiffani Dunlap

Terry Dunlap   David Dunlap   Jack Dunlap   Brett Dunlap

West Virginia Dunlaps (submitted by Carroll Dunlap)


Front row: Russ Dean, Bob and Ed Dunlap

Second Row: Carroll & Nancy Dunlap; Kris, David, and Troy

Scooby Doo, who spent 17 years as a workhorse for the Amish, and 15-year-old Winfield High School student B.J. Slater earned a second place finish in the Charleston, WV area walk-and-trot competition recently! B.J is the grandson of the above Carroll Dunlap