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Statistical Accounts of Dunlop Parish #1              1791             Government, Edinburgh

    Government Account of the State of the Dunlop Parish in 1791


Statistical Accounts of Dunlop Parish #2              1838             Government, Edinburgh

    Government Account of the State of the Dunlop Parish in 1838


The New World Journal of Alexander Graham Dunlop 1845  edited by David Sinclair and Germaine Warkentin   Dundurn Press , Toronto 1976  Journal account of Alexander's four month travels from the West Indies to New Orleans, up the Mississippi, and the Illinois, to Chicago, thence across the Great lakes calling at Milwaukee, and Detroit , before visiting his uncle, Tiger Dunlop after crossing into Canada, visiting Niagara Falls. He also went to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC where he visited with President Polk and his wife before returning to Britain.


Dunlop of that Ilk      Archibald Dunlop                 1896             Kerr and Richardson, Glasgow

    Memorabilia of the Families of Dunlop, with special references to John Dunlop of Rosebank, Tiger Dunlop and John Dunlop Astronomer Royale with a large selection of poems of John Dunlop of Glasgow. Also details the Dunlops of Gankirk, Tollcross, Glasgow, Keppoch, and Greenoch; Alexander and William of the University of Glasgow, General James Dunlop, the Dutch Dunlops, the Tobacco Lords.


Robert Burns and Mrs. Dunlop  Correspondence now published in full for the first time William Wallace  1898  Dodd Mead & Co  NY

      Letters between the bard and Mrs. Dunlop over their ten year friendship, over ninety-six letters. Also a chapter on Mrs. Dunlop's family, both Dunlop's and Wallace's. On page 38 is a sketch of the original Dunlop House that was replaced in 1838!


Lee’s Sharpshooter’s  Major William S. Dunlop       1899      Tunnan & Pittard, Little Rock, Ark.

    Major Dunlop was the commander of the Sharpshooter battalion formed from the 1st,12th,13th and 14th South Carolina and Orr's Rifles when General Robert E. Lee began experimenting with sniper tactics during the US Civil War. The book details the training, ordinance, and marksmanship exercises. Also are first hand accounts of the battles of Wilderness and Spotsylvania.


Indian Attack on Fort Dunlap. (article) Stephen Cone       1910           Magazine of History, Volume XI June 1910

    Eyewitness and historical accounts of the Shawnee attack on what is now Colerain, Ohio on the 9th 10th 11th of January 1790


Dunlop Parish, a History of Church, Parish and Nobility  John Bayne 1935   a definitive source for Burkes Peerage regarding the Dunlops, and the source for many articles regarding the Family. Acquired through Alibris used and out of print books.


The Dunlop Papers: The Dunlops of Dunlop and of Auchenskaith, Keppoch and Gairbraid   J.G. Dunlop    1939  Butler and Tanner, London

    reprinted by Quintin Publications for $56.98.  A must-have source book for any collector of Dunlop history! Includes The Origins and Early history of the Family; chapters on: The Dunlops of Dunlop; General James Dunlop and family; Rev Alexander Dunlop; Rev William Dunlop, principal of Glasgow University; Alexander Dunlop, professor of Greek and his family; John Dunlop, surveyor; Alexander Dunlop of Keppoch; John Dunlop of Garbraid; Robert Graham Dunlop of the Royal Navy; Tiger Dunlop of Canada; Sons of Margaret Colquhoun; Alexander Colquhoun Stirling Murray Dunlop. Over 400 pages of Dunlop history with a complete index of names for easy referencing!


House of Dunlop       Freda Dunlop White             1951             Advocate press, Oakland California  

    Stories of the Dunlop families, based of fact and embellished, from the Roman attack on Dunlop hill to the Dunlop farm in California. Lots of great illustrations and family portraits. Stories of Celtic chief Dunlop; John Dunlop, miller of Dovecoathall; James Dunlop IV; John Patterson Dunlop, his wives and families from England to California.

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Statistical Accounts of Dunlop Parish #3              1951             Government

      Government Account of the State of the Dunlop Parish in 1951


House of Dunlap (original hardcover edition, signed by author)     Rev. James Hanna   1956   Edwards Brothers , Ann Arbor, MI    

      Intro by Rev John Bayne "History of the Parish and Family of Dunlop"; A reprise of Freda White's "House of Dunlop"; Dunlap ancestry in British-America; The lineage of the Waxhaw Dunlap's from which almost 1/3 of American Dunlaps descend; More Dunlop families including the line of John and Mary Bell Dunlap; Jackson and Sarah Ellen Hewitt Dunlap; Ephraim Henry and Sarah Dunlap (Virginia); John William and Elizabeth MacClain Dunlap of Virginia; John and Catherine Stentz Dunlap (Pennsylvania); Robert and Agnes Brown Faries Dunlap of Pennsylvania; Adam and Rebecca Work Dunlap of Ohio; John Dunlap and Jemima Shipman Dunlap of Scott County, Indiana; John Fletcher and Arabella Dunlap Fletcher of Kentucky and  Pennsylvania; Captain George Bryant Dunlap and Nancy Craighead Richardson Dunlap of South Carolina; Robert Dunlap of Lancaster County, South Carolina; Amos Henderson Dunlap and Sarah Rau Benner Dunlap of Lancaster County, South Carolina; Scottish Clans and families the Dunlops have relations with including Cunningham, Hamilton, Sommerville, Campbell of Argyll, Brown, MacFarlane, Menzies, Snodgrass, Gay, Alexander, Erskine, and Hanna of Sorbie. Appendices are numerous, but the names are not indexed. #2 Dunlop book of all time!

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Tiger of Canada West          Graham                   1962             Clarke, Irwin, Toronto, Vancouver

    Wonderful biography of Dr. William "Tiger" Dunlop, a War of 1812 British war hero, and very colorful frontiersman who became involved in early Canada's politics.


Tiger Dunlop’s Upper Canada   William Dunlop        1967             McLelland & Stewart, Toronto

    His first-hand account of the War of 1812 and "Sketches of Upper Canada for the use of Emigrants by a Backwoodsman" , a guide written by Scottish-born William for new Canadians. Priceless for any Canadian Dunlop.


History and Economic Development of the Village of Dunlop  Jen Hutchinson     1972             self

    Nice primer regarding Dunlop written by a student at the Edinburgh College of Domestic Science. Used by the Dunlop society as a hand-out.


Eyewitness (genesis of the Tank) Sir Dunlop Swinton  1972        Arno Press, NY

    Personal reminiscences of certain phases of the Great War (WWI) , including the genesis of the tank, by the tanks' inventor, Major-General Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton K.B.E., C.B., D.S.O., R.E. .many photos of early tanks (called caterpillars and Land Cruisers) in action. A must for WWI collectors.


One Man Alone, Bill Dunlop's Own Story Frank Drigotas 1983    Down East Books    Camden, Maine

    World-renowned sailor Bill Dunlop set off in July 1983 to circumnavigate the globe in his nine foot sloop, Wind's Will. Only a year earlier he had captured popular imagination with his single-handed voyage across the Atlantic in the same tiny craft! Autographed copy!


Weary. Life of Sir Edward Dunlop     Sue Ebury      1994             Viking Australia

     Australian National Hero of WWII, this "surgeon of the railway" spent more than three years as a Japanese POW on the notorious Burma-Thailand "Death Railway". His care for the men under his command and his defiance of his captors made him a legend in his own time. "Bridge over the River Kwai" movie is based on like stories. Sir Edward was knighted and received many honors from multiple countries. Counted among the Dunlop's most honored heroes.


The Dunlap Cabinetmakers: A Tradition in Craftmenship 1994  Philip Zea and Donald Dunlap. Stackpole Books  Mechanicsburg, Pa  History of the Family and how they came to New Hampshire and started their furniture business. Beautiful photos, drawings and reproductions of their work!


Bessie Dunlop, Witch of Dalry Hodgart and Clarke    1995               Hodder & Stoughton, London

    a play based upon the true story of Bessie Dunlop, White Witch of Dalry, who was a folk healer in Ayrshire burned and tortured in Edinburgh after being accused of Witchcraft, after being tried by the High Court of Justiciary in November 1576.


Dunlap Lads and Lassies      Ruth Dunlap             1998             self

     genealogy of the progeny of Samuel Dunlap of Pennsylvania (1776) through William and Alexander of Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia (1819 and 1873; William Dunlop of Indiana (1873); Alexander Dunlop of Greene County, Indiana (1873); William Dunlop of Indiana (1876); Isaac(1915)and Dallas Dunlap of Indiana (1982); Dan Dunlap of Illinois (still kicking)


Dunlop Ancient and Modern Exhibition                  1998             City of Dunlop, Scotland

      Exhibition of photos shown on 27th -29th of March 1998 divided into six sections: The Village; Village at Work; At Play; At Church; At School; At War. a 30 page pamphlet edited by Dugald Campbell. great photos!


Village Life ..exhibition of photos in Sept 2000      2000             Gilmour Print, Ayrshire, Scotland

        Exhibition of photos in Dunlop Hall 2nd and 3rd September 2000. Pictures of Village children, the renovation of the Kirk, snowfall in Dunlop, etc..


John Boyd Dunlop               Jim Cooke                2000             Dreoilin publications, Belfast

         Born in Dreghorn, near Kilmarnock, he was a veterinarian who developed the pneumatic tire and changed the world. 31-page pamphlet with great photos and history of the man and his invention.


Old Stewarton, Dunlop, Lugton   Sue Milligan        2001             StenLake Publishing, Ayrshire

        Pamphlet of photos of the area circa mid 19th century



Books I want!! Please advise if you have one or know where I can get a copy!


The following are four books that describe the settling of the Dunlaps in Goffstown, New Hampshire, USA and the furniture business they established.  For interested Dunlops, they are


1) The History of Goffstown, 1733-1920, volumes I & II; by George Plummer Hadley, copyright 1922. The Rumford Press, Concord New Hampshire 
2) The Dunlaps and Their Furniture. (1970) The Currier Gallery of Art. Library of Congress Number 70-129914.


3) The Dunlap Cabinetmakers; A Tradition in Craftsmanship. (1994) Philip Zea and Donald Dunlap.  Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA. ISBN 0-8117-0990-6  found this $50 glossy -paged treasure for $3.00!! On Alibris!