Scottish Wars Veterans of the Dunlop/Dunlap Name


Herein lie the legacy of Brave Dunlops, Warriors all, who fought in Scotland's many wars. A common thread runs through these stories, gained from old records, dusty shelves, family bibles, and actual military archives. It is that wherever Scots fought, in battles against evil or oppression, or on the side of it, a Dunlop or a Dunlap was there, fighting in usual Celt fashion, and sometimes even sided against each other! Read on about our boys on both sides at Culloden and Preston and against the Pretender, against the Bruce, with Prince Charlie,  and many other battles:

where the ground is hallowed by their blood,
and their actions upon it!


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Scottish Wars


-Neil Fitz-Robert de Dullop, 2nd of that Ilk. Appeared in the Ragman Rolls subscribing allegiance to Edward the First of England circa 1301. His wrong choices would continue as during the contest for the Scottish Crown , he supported John Balliol against the Bruce. When the Bruce attained the Crown, Neil had to forfeit Dunlop lands.






Preston in the '15



-Francis Dunlop,18th of that Ilk son of James, 15th of that Ilk, was a witness to the deposition of the Scottish Regalia in the Castle at Edinburgh in 1707. Francis raised a Regiment of Calvary for the King's service against the Old Pretender in the 1715, and was supposedly present at the taking of Preston. Father-in-law of Frances Wallace Dunlop.


-James Dunlap. Fought in Preston, Lancashire 9-14 Nov 1715 in support of James II, (Old Pretender). James fought in the force commanded by General Thomas Forster. Six hundred thirty-seven Jacobite rebels were captured by the government forces along with James. He was transported into indenture in South Carolina on April 21, 1716 from Liverpool on the "Wakefield" captained by Thomas Beck, with eighty others. All the Jacobites were exiled.


Culloden in the '45

The Highland attack on the Grenadier Company of Barrell's King's Own Royal Regiment" by David Morier; painted in 1746 for the Duke of Cumberland, reputedly using members of the regiment and highland prisoners as models.


-John Dunlop, 19th of that Ilk, son of Francis He was Chief of the Dunlops from 1747-1784. He was deputized by Ayrshire and assisted the Duke of Cumberland against Bonnie Prince Charlie (Young Pretender) in 1745-46. He fought at Culloden against the Prince. Historical rumor has it that Dunlop and Thomas Wallace of Craigie refused to massacre Jacobite survivors with their soldiers after the battle and were detained under possible charges of treason themselves, until charges were later dropped by the King. It was on the way home from Culloden that John Dunlop met the daughter of Thomas Wallace, his future wife. Her name was Frances Wallace, future friend and sponsor of Robert Burns.


Bonnie Prince Charlie

-Some Dunlops and Dunlaps fought with the calvary of King James. the Calvary was based in Edinburgh, with volunteers from all over Scotland serving the Bonnie Prince. Research is ongoing, and names will be forthcoming soon.

-Michael Dunlop, Stephen Dunlop fought with the Irish Piquets, a mercenary group sent by the King of France to support the Stewarts. They were mostly Irish, but fought as French Regulars. The Piquets suffered light losses at Culloden, with most being captured, treated as POW's instead of traitors, and sent back to France.




"Lest We Forget"


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