Places Named Dunlap and Dunlop 


sources: U.S. Department of the Interior || U.S. Geological Survey


209 feature records have been selected from GNI named Dunlap

Feature Name St County Equivalent Name Type USGS 7.5' Map
Dunlap Lake AL Clarke reservoir 312024N 0875318W Gin House Island
Dunlaps Lake AL Coosa reservoir 325356N 0861001W Rockford
Dunlap Creek AL Elmore stream 324330N 0861746W Holtville
Dunlap Landing (historical) AL Greene locale 323516N 0874437W Casemore
Dunlaps Slope Mine AL Jefferson mine UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Birmingham North
Dunlap Cemetery AL Marshall cemetery 343120N 0863310W Farley
Dunlap Cove AL Morgan valley 343119N 0863328W Farley
Dunlap Spring AL St. Clair spring 333626N 0861757W Pell City
Dunlap Spring Branch AL St. Clair stream 333559N 0861846W Pell City
Dunlap AR Hempstead populated place 335109N 0933220W Blevins
Dunlap (historical) AR Pike populated place 341737N 0933740W Lodi
Dunlap Village Shopping Center AZ Maricopa locale 333400N 1120803W Glendale
Dunlap Mine AZ Mohave mine 342519N 1132117W Arrastra Mountain NE
Dunlap Gulch CA Calaveras valley 381251N 1202533W Murphys
Dunlap CA Fresno populated place 364418N 1190712W Miramonte
Dunlap Baptist Church CA Fresno church 364406N 1190654W Miramonte
Dunlap Elementary School CA Fresno school 364404N 1190658W Miramonte
Dunlap Post Office (historical) CA Fresno post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Miramonte
Dunlap Gulch CA Humboldt valley 404206N 1240702W McWhinney Creek
Dunlap Sanitarium CA Los Angeles hospital 335905N 1182005W Inglewood
Dunlap (historical) CA Mendocino populated place 392105N 1233305W Comptche
Dunlap Pass

CA Mendocino gap 392054N 1233411W Comptche
Dunlap Place CA Mendocino populated place 395114N 1232551W Iron Peak
Dunlap Acres CA San Bernardino populated place 340152N 1170624W Yucaipa
Dunlap Elementary School CA San Bernardino school 340137N 1170512W Yucaipa
Dunlap CA Siskiyou locale 414237N 1222451W Little Shasta
Dunlap Meadow CA Tulare flat 355157N 1183242W Tobias Peak
Dunlap Ranch CO Baca locale 370516N 1030131W Furnish Canyon East
Dunlap Ranch CO Kiowa locale 383535N 1024830W Dunlap Ranch
Dunlap Gulch CO Park valley 392000N 1054132W Observatory Rock
Dunlap Park GA Bibb park 325005N 0833742W Macon West
Dunlap Cemetery GA Meriwether cemetery 330924N 0844046W Luthersville
Dunlap GA Oglethorpe populated place 335712N 0831513W Athens East
Dunlap School GA Thomas school 304919N 0835903W Thomasville
Dunlap IA Harrison locale 415120N 0953610W Dunlap

IA Harrison populated place 415116N 0953601W Dunlap




Dunlap Care Center IA Harrison hospital 415057N 0953520W Dunlap
Dunlap City Hall IA Harrison building 415115N 0953559W Dunlap
Dunlap Family Medicine Clinic IA Harrison hospital 415115N 0953602W Dunlap
Dunlap Farmers Co-op Elevator IA Harrison locale 415112N 0953615W Dunlap
Dunlap Golf Club IA Harrison locale 415050N 0953542W Dunlap
Dunlap Police Department IA Harrison building 415115N 0953559W Dunlap
Dunlap Post Office IA Harrison post office 415118N 0953556W Dunlap
Dunlap Public Library IA Harrison building 415114N 0953556W Dunlap
Dunlap School IA Polk school 413447N 0933557W Des Moines SE
Dunlap United Methodist Church IL Clark church 392631N 0873238W Dennison
Dunlap School IL Knox school 405943N 0902039W Galesburg East
Dunlap Airport IL Lawrence airport 384330N 0874438W Lawrenceville
Dunlap Lake IL Madison reservoir 384832N 0895615W Edwardsville
Dunlap Lake Dam IL Madison dam 384832N 0895615W Edwardsville
Dunlap School (historical) IL Marshall school 410524N 0892943W Lacon
Dunlap Cemetery IL Morgan cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap IL Peoria populated place 405142N 0894043W Dunlap
Dunlap Family Cemetery IL Peoria cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap Grade School IL Peoria school 405132N 0894026W Dunlap
Dunlap High School IL Peoria school 405118N 0894033W Dunlap
Dunlap Post Office IL Peoria post office 405144N 0894032W Dunlap
Dunlap Cemetery IL Rock Island cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap Cemetery IL Sangamon cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap School (historical) IL Sangamon school 395417N 0893833W Athens
Dunlap IN Elkhart populated place 413816N 0855518W Elkhart
Dunlapsville IN Union populated place 393527N 0845937W New Fairfield
Dunlapsville Causeway IN Union locale 393515N 0845915W New Fairfield
Dunlap Cemetery KS Butler cemetery 373558N 0970551W Douglass
Dunlap Creek KS Comanche stream 371857N 0990516W Wilmore SE
Dunlap KS Morris populated place 383435N 0962156W Americus
Dunlap Cemetery KS Morris cemetery 383445N 0962114W Americus
Dunlap Cemetery KS Morris cemetery 383515N 0962114W Americus
Dunlap Hollow KY Bell valley 363701N 0834417W Middlesboro South
Dunlap Cemetery KY Livingston cemetery 371138N 0882229W Burna
Dunlap Hill KY Livingston summit 371031N 0881944W Burna
Dunlap KY Pike populated place 372541N 0821433W Jamboree
Dunlap LA Avoyelles populated place 311233N 0920332W Marksville North
Dunlap Presbyterian Church LA Caddo church 322902N 0934429W Shreveport East
Dunlap Lake LA Madison lake 322033N 0911942W Waverly SE
Dunlap Pond MA Hampden reservoir 421036N 0725436W Blandford
Dunlap Pond Dam MA Hampden dam 421036N 0725436W Blandford
Dunlap Drain MI Monroe stream 415626N 0834050W Dundee
Dunlap Drain MI Sanilac canal 432549N 0824804W Sandusky
Dunlap Island MN Carlton island 464335N 0922752W Cloquet
Dunlap Cemetery MO Callaway cemetery 385156N 0915531W Fulton
Dunlap Creek MO Callaway stream 385047N 0915253W Fulton
Dunlap Hollow MO Crawford valley UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap MO Grundy populated place 400630N 0932856W Laredo
Dunlap (historical) MO Henry locale 381355N 0934353W Lowry City
Dunlap Lake Dam MO Laclede dam 374412N 0922830W Drynob
Dunlaps MO Marion locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap Lead Diggings MO Washington mine UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap Branch MS Lafayette stream 342818N 0893408W Oxford North
Dunlap Pond Dam MS Lafayette dam 342348N 0893948W Coles Point
Dunlap Cemetery MS Monroe cemetery 340406N 0882439W Smithville
Dunlap Cemetery MS Union cemetery 342641N 0885325W New Albany East
Dunlap Creek MT Beaverhead stream 450155N 1130206W Grant
Dunlap MT Fergus locale 470100N 1091716W Pike Creek
Dunlap Creek MT McCone stream 471250N 1054815W Watkins
Dunlap Creek MT Richland stream 472745N 1041846W Savage
Dunlap Dam MT Richland dam 473030N 1042512W Larson School
Dunlap Bridge NC Bladen bridge 343558N 0781754W Rowan
Dunlap Valley NE Arthur basin 414408N 1015753W Bourquim Hill
Dunlap Post Office (historical) NE Dawes post office 422806N 1025553W Box Butte NW
Dunlap School NE Dawes school 422806N 1025553W Box Butte NW
Dunlap Post Office (historical) NE Madison post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap Oil Field NE Morrill oilfield 413941N 1031253W Bridgeport NW
Dunlap Creek NE Saunders stream 411144N 0964449W Wahoo West
Dunlap Dam NE Sioux dam 424436N 1033112W Smiley Canyon
Dunlap Reservoir NE Sioux reservoir 424436N 1033112W Smiley Canyon
Dunlap Pond NJ Morris lake 405434N 0743819W Stanhope
Dunlap NM Chaves locale 340448N 1045024W Wire Lake
Dunlap Sill NM Chaves cliff 335950N 1043244W Dunlap Sill
Dunlap Spanish Mission NM Chaves church 332339N 1043121W Roswell North
Dunlap NM DeBaca populated place 340505N 1043141W Dunlap
Dunlap Camp Tank NM DeBaca reservoir 340837N 1044712W Wright Ranch
Dunlap Post Office (historical) NM DeBaca post office 340505N 1043141W Dunlap
Dunlap Spring NM Rio Arriba spring 360139N 1064051W Jarosa
Dunlap Tank NM Taos reservoir 362355N 1055224W Tres Orejas
Dunlap Ranch NM Torrance locale 343653N 1052827W Dunlap Ranch
Dunlap Canyon NV Mineral valley 382453N 1180435W Mina
Dunlap Mine NV Mineral mine 382051N 1175803W Eddyville
Dunlap Tunnel Spring NV Mineral spring 382102N 1175751W Eddyville
Dunlap Creek OH Adams stream 385509N 0831502W Jaybird
Dunlap School (historical) OH Carroll school 403800N 0810629W Minerva
Dunlap King Hall OH Franklin building 400732N 0825619W Galena
Dunlap OH Hamilton populated place 391732N 0843705W Greenhills
Dunlap Post Office (historical) OH Hamilton post office 391730N 0843705W Greenhills
Dunlap Run OH Hamilton stream 391720N 0843910W Shandon
Dunlap Creek OH Hardin stream 403842N 0834815W Alger
Dunlap Lake OH Pickaway reservoir 393154N 0831000W Clarksburg
Dunlap Lake Dam OH Pickaway dam 393154N 0831000W Clarksburg
Dunlap Pond Dam Number One OH Pickaway dam 393730N 0830754W Five Points
Dunlap Pond Dam Number Three OH Pickaway dam 393700N 0830954W Clarksburg
Dunlap Pond Dam Number Two OH Pickaway dam 393648N 0831036W Clarksburg
Dunlap Pond Number One OH Pickaway reservoir 393730N 0830754W Five Points
Dunlap Pond Number Three OH Pickaway reservoir 393700N 0830954W Clarksburg
Dunlap Pond Number Two OH Pickaway reservoir 393648N 0831036W Clarksburg
Dunlap School (historical) OH Pickaway school 393710N 0830826W Clarksburg
Dunlap School (historical) OH Ross school 392417N 0830049W Andersonville
Dunlap Church OH Scioto church 385427N 0831607W Jaybird
Dunlap School (historical) OH Scioto school 385428N 0831605W Jaybird
Dunlap Cemetery OH Trumbull cemetery 411323N 0804204W Girard
Dunlap Creek OH Tuscarawas stream 401624N 0813237W Newcomerstown
Dunlap Memorial Hospital OH Wayne hospital 404955N 0814550W Orrville
Dunlap Cemetery OH Wood cemetery 412901N 0834352W Bowling Green North
Dunlap OK Harper populated place 363624N 0994030W May East
Dunlap Post Office (historical) OK Harper post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlap Cemetery OK Woodward cemetery 361309N 0990653W Mutual NE
Dunlap (historical) OR Benton locale 443548N 1231415W Riverside
Dunlap Cabin OR Grant locale 442959N 1190846W Wolfinger Butte
Dunlap Creek OR Josephine stream 423002N 1231710W Sexton Mountain
Dunlap Creek OR Marion stream 444817N 1220549W Mother Lode Mountain
Dunlap Lake OR Marion lake 444904N 1220538W Mother Lode Mountain
Dunlap Canyon OR Sherman valley 451757N 1203644W Indian Cove
Dunlap Creek OR Wallowa stream 452926N 1164811W Sheep Creek Divide
Dunlap PA Bucks populated place 401119N 0745210W Trenton West
Dunlap Creek PA Clarion stream 410442N 0793942W Parker
Dunlap Run PA Clearfield stream 405349N 0782617W Glen Richey
Dunlap PA Fayette locale 395940N 0795338W Carmichaels
Dunlap Creek PA Fayette stream 400120N 0795319W California
Dunlap Creek Church PA Fayette church 395819N 0795217W New Salem
Dunlap Creek Village PA Fayette populated place 395808N 0795210W New Salem
Dunlap Creek Watershed Reservoir PA Fayette reservoir 395506N 0794830W New Salem
Dunlap Creek Watershed Site Dam PA Fayette dam 395506N 0794830W New Salem
Dunlap Terrace (subdivision) SC Darlington populated place 342345N 0800513W Hartsville North
Dunlapsville (historical) SC Laurens populated place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Clinton
Dunlape Crossroads SC Lee populated place 340354N 0800807W Elliott
Dunlap (historical) SD Brule locale 433325N 0985102W Cedar Grove Colony
Dunlap Church SD Brule church 433327N 0985000W Cedar Grove Colony
Dunlap Branch TN Blount stream 354138N 0835417W Blockhouse
Dunlap Branch TN Blount stream 354548N 0835856W Maryville
Dunlap Hollow TN Blount valley 354445N 0840900W Meadow
Dunlap Hollow Creek TN Blount stream 354422N 0841006W Meadow
Dunlap-Hall Cemetery TN Henry cemetery 362047N 0881636W Paris
Dunlap Creek TN Hickman stream 354356N 0871559W Greenfield Bend
Dunlap Cemetery TN Lincoln cemetery 350619N 0864439W Taft
Dunlap Creek TN Rhea stream 354345N 0845426W Pennine
Dunlap TN Sequatchie populated place 352217N 0852326W Daus
Dunlap Cemetery TN Sequatchie cemetery 352200N 0852254W Daus
Dunlap City Hall TN Sequatchie building 352222N 0852318W Daus
Dunlap Post Office TN Sequatchie post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Daus
Dunlap Cemetery TN Stewart cemetery 363434N 0875652W Tharpe
Dunlap Hollow TN Sullivan valley 362736N 0822725W Boone Dam
Dunlap School (historical) TN Sullivan school 362827N 0822641W Boone Dam
Dunlap Orphanage TN Tipton building 352435N 0894045W Brighton
Dunlap (historical) TN Weakley populated place 362050N 0883620W Como
Dunlap School (historical) TN Weakley school 360755N 0884137W Pillowville
Dunlap Branch TX Bosque stream 314921N 0974716W Cranfills Gap
Dunlap Hill TX Bosque summit 314951N 0974656W Cranfills Gap
Dunlap TX Cottle populated place 340826N 1001746W Dunlap
Dunlap Ranch TX Crockett locale 302717N 1014222W Sixshooter Canyon
Dunlap Oil Field TX Guadalupe oilfield 294037N 0974233W Luling
Dunlap Lake TX Morris lake 331602N 0944442W Dalby Springs
Dunlap TX Travis populated place 301455N 0973334W Webberville
Dunlap Cemetery TX Walker cemetery 305732N 0953003W Wyser Bottom
Dunlap Beach VA Alleghany beach 374752N 0800303W Callaghan
Dunlap Creek VA Alleghany stream 374740N 0795949W Covington
Dunlap School (historical) VA Alleghany school 374526N 0800737W Jerrys Run
Dunlap Hollow VA Augusta valley 380825N 0792440W Deerfield
Dunlap Ford VA Frederick crossing 391258N 0782331W Capon Springs
Dunlap Spring WA Columbia spring 460910N 1173900W Panjab Creek
Dunlap WA King populated place 473154N 1221606W Seattle South
Dunlap Elementary School WA King school 473133N 1221623W Seattle South
Dunlap Pond WA Thurston reservoir 464800N 1225806W Violet Prairie
Dunlap Pond Dam WA Thurston dam 464800N 1225806W Violet Prairie
Dunlap Cemetery WI Dane cemetery 431230N 0894344W Black Earth
Dunlap Creek WI Dane stream 431222N 0895004W Mazomanie
Dunlap Hollow WI Dane valley 431212N 0894506W Mazomanie
Dunlap Reef WI Door bar 445015N 0872317W Sturgeon Bay West
Dunlap Branch WV Putnam stream 383649N 0815310W Winfield
Dunlap Chapel WV Putnam church 383545N 0815409W Winfield
Dunlap Ditch WY Johnson canal 443350N 1063427W Ucross

U.S. Department of the Interior || U.S. Geological Survey
9 feature records have been selected from GNIS named Dunlop
Feature Name St County Equivalent Name Type USGS 7.5' Map
Dunlop Brook MA Hampshire stream 422258N 0722609W Shutesbury
Dunlops Hills MD Montgomery populated place 385924N 0770401W Washington West
Dunlop Lake MI Kent lake 430200N 0853456W Rockford
Dunlop Station (historical) OH Hamilton populated place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Dunlop Hollow OH Scioto valley 384552N 0825523W New Boston
Dunlop Reservoir OR Josephine reservoir 421203N 1232000W Williams
Dunlop, Mount PA Franklin summit 394344N 0772923W Blue Ridge Summit
Dunlop VA Colonial Heights (city) populated place 371610N 0772415W Chester
Dunlop Hollow WV Kanawha valley 381523N 0814008W Charleston West

3 Antarctic feature records have been selected from GNIS named Dunlop
Feature Name: Dunlop Island
Feature Type: island
Latitude: 77º14´S
Longitude: 163º30´E
Rocky island, 1 mi long, lying just off the Wilson Piedmont Glacier and the coast of Victoria Land, close NE of Cape Dunlop. First mapped by the BrAE (1907-09) under Shackleton, who named it for H.J.L. Dunlop, chief engineer of the ship Nimrod.


Variant Name(s)
Terrace Island

Feature Name: Dunlop Peak
Feature Type: summit
Elevation: 1330
Latitude: 67º57´S
Longitude: 062º28´E
One of the Smith Peaks, 1,330 m, standing 1 mi S of Mount Hordern in the David Range, Framnes Mountains. Mapped by Norwegian cartographers from air photos taken by the Lars Christensen Expedition, 1936-37. Named by ANCA for R. Dunlop, cosmic ray physicist at Mawson station in 1959.

Feature Name: Dunlop, Cape
Feature Type: cape
Latitude: 77º14´S
Longitude: 163º27´E
Rocky point just W of Dunlop Island on the coast of Victoria Land. First mapped by the BrAE (1907-09) under Shackleton, who named this feature Rocky Point. It has since taken its name from Dunlop Island.

One Dunlop Place in Great Britain:  Only One, the Dunlop we all came From.

PLACE NAME                       GRID    COUNTY                             Admin.   District   Unitary    Police   Health     Country  Lieut.                                  
                                 REF.                                       County              AuthArea   Area     AuthArea   /Region  Area          
Dunlop                           NS4049  Ayrshire                                               E Ayrs     Strath   Ayr&Arrn   Scotld   Ayr&Ar   

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 18 Dunlop Places In Australia

 No Dunlap Places

DUNLOP NSW HMSD (Building) Unofficial -30 38 145 01 -
DUNLOP NSW HMSD (Building) Unofficial -32 52 146 49 -
DUNLOP ACT LOCB (Town or Locality) Official -35 12 149 01 -
DUNLOP NSW TRIG (Trig Station) Official -30 30 145 07 -
DUNLOP NSW LOCB (Town or Locality) Unofficial -30 37 145 01 -
BENALLA COLLEGE DUNLOP CAMPUS VIC SCHL (Building) Official -36 32 145 59 -
DUNLOP HILL VIC HILL (Hill or Mountain) Official -36 34 145 00 -
DUNLOP HILL NSW HILL (Hill or Mountain) Official -33 27 151 22 -
DUNLOP ISLAND QLD IS (Island or Reef) Official -23 31 150 43 -
DUNLOP OLYMPIC PTY LTD VIC BLDG (Building) Official -37 50 145 16 -
DUNLOP RANGE NSW RNGE (Hill or Mountain) Official -30 30 145 07 -
DOCTOR DUNLOP RESERVE WA RESV (Park or Reserve) Official -31 38 116 40 -
DUNLOP RESERVE NSW RESV (Park or Reserve) Official -33 51 151 09 -
DUNLOP WELL WA BORE (Bore, Tank or Waterpoint) Official -25 17 118 56 -
DUNLOP WELL WA BORE (Bore, Tank or Waterpoint) Official -24 28 116 13 -
DUNLOPS HUT SA BLDG (Building) Official -37 37 140 49 -
DUNLOPS DRAIN QLD DRN (Water Course) Unofficial -28 04 153 25 -
DUNLOPS HUT SA BLDG (Building) Official -37 37 140 49 -

Source: Geoscience Australia

New Zealand Geographic Place names database


Canada Dunlop Places: 22 / Dunlap :2

Current Names : List of Records

Canadian Place Names : Dunlop
Name Prov. / Terr. Feature type Location NTS Map Details Map
Dunlop N.B. Unincorporated area Gloucester 021P12
Dunlop Ont. Unincorporated area Huron 040P13
Dunlop Ont. Geographical area Sudbury 041I05
Dunlop Man. Unincorporated area 26-66-10-W 063J10
Dunlop, Baie Que. Bay Baie-James, Jamésie 032F13
Dunlop Bay Ont. Bay Sudbury 041I13
Dunlop Bay Sask. Bay --- 074G11
Dunlop Brook N.S. River Colchester 011E03
Dunlop Creek B.C. River Kootenay 082F06
Dunlop Drain Man. Miscellaneous 19-9-1-W 062H13
Dunlop, Île Que. Island La Conception, Les Laurentides 031J02
Dunlop Island Ont. Island Peterborough 031C12
Dunlop Island Ont. Island Renfrew 031F14
Dunlop Island Man. Island --- 063F14
Dunlop Island Sask. Island --- 064E08
Dunlop Lake Ont. Lake Algoma 041J07
Dunlop Lake Ont. Lake Renfrew 031K04
Dunlop Lake Man. Lake --- 064J13
Dunlop Lake Sask. Lake 52-22-W2 073H06
Dunlop Lake Sask. Lake --- 074A03
Dunlop Point B.C. Cape Nanaimo 092F10
Dunlop Spit Nfld. Cape --- 012I11

Name Prov. / Terr. Feature type Location NTS Map Details Map
Dunlap Coulee Sask. Valley 14,15-9-20-W3 072F10
Dunlap Island B.C. Island Clayoquot 092F04
Name Prov. / Terr. Feature type Location NTS Map Details Map
Delaps Cove N.S. Unincorporated area Annapolis 021A13
Delaps Cove N.S. Bay Annapolis 021A13
Delaps Lake N.S. Lake Digby 021A05


Source: Canadian Geographical names



Townland AKA Acres County Barony Civil Parish PLU Province
Freehall Dunlop   125 Londonderry Coleraine Dunboe Coleraine Ulster

Source: The IreAtlas Townland data Base